The hospital in Romania with the highest rate of patients cured by COVID-19. Explanations of an infectious doctor


47 Romanians cured by coronavirus were treated at the Infectious Diseases Hospital in Timișoara. In Bucharest, where the highest number of illnesses are registered, only 11 patients have been discharged so far. The representatives of the hospital in Timisoara say that they would be the beneficiaries of a favorable situation.
Many of the people they treated were young and had no other illnesses. In addition, the treatment scheme used, in which two antivirals are combined, proves to be more effective than those used in the Capital. The Minister of Health, Victor Costache, explained, for Digi24, that in the hospitals in the country where patients with COVID-19 are treated, several forms of treatment are tested. It is a method that is practiced worldwide to find the most effective combination of drugs.

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