Why is Timisoara the center of COVID-19 healing in Romania: “We use another treatment scheme compared to the rest of the country”


Timisoara has the most prolific hospital for infectious diseases in Romania: 43 patients admitted with the new coronavirus were declared healed and discharged.

Victor Babes Hospital in Timisoara is by far the hospital with the highest cure rate in the country. In Bucharest, 11 patients were cured, 3 in Craiova, 2 in Constanta and 1 in Iasi.

The doctor Virgil Musta says that in Timisoara it was established from the central level for another treatment scheme to study several variants throughout the country. He says patients get two antivirals that usually get positive in a few days.
"We use a different treatment scheme than the rest of the country, but also the situation was favorable, because the patients we treated were young patients, without comorbidities, without associated diseases, in which the theory says that the evolution of the disease is good. The scheme we give is made up of a tablet with 2 antivirals, which give negative tests every 3-4 days after administration. We are waiting for two negative tests, after which we will release them ”, explained the doctor Virgil Musta from the Hospital of Infectious Diseases Victor Babeș from Timișoara, for opiniatimisoarei.ro.

Mankind has to wait until a vaccine for COVID-19 is released, and until then many studies and tests are underway.

"There are several schemes tested, with more results. Together with Professor Streinu-Cercel we established that a certain scheme should be used in our center. There are schemes that are being studied today in the world. No drug company has completed, at present, a study to say this is an effective one. There are only tests, partial results, and we chose one of these studies. We chose this medicine, we have it and we can use it, based on the fact that in the literature there are studies on this medicine and there are partial favorable results and on our medical thinking, which told us that we may have these favorable results, "said the doctor Virgil Musta, according to Mediafax.

At the same time, in an interview with Digi24, the Minister of Health explained that different forms of treatment are being tested in the country, precisely to find the most effective, and doctors are pushing this information, to be determined that it is best to use it. national plan.

"All of these patients are already gathered in a prospective database, they are gone (other conditions) it is important to know all the medical data and to know what treatment they are receiving. In Timisoara there is a certain treatment, in Bucharest there are already two schemes. Every two days the specialists talk to standardize these practices, ”said Victor Costache.

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