I have a question, where shall i post?

If the question is Belgium related, it can be posted in Belgium. Conversation can be held in native language as long it is in the right country. So if you are from Italy, you can speak in italian in category Italy.

If you wish to ask someone from another country, please post in their country and use their native language or English.

If you want to address the question to everyone then you can use the Global category.

How do i make points?

You can make points by posting stories, images and videos. After you have enough points you can buy products from the shop.

How do i post?

You can post here.

If you require to post an image, we recommend you to upload the image on Flickr or Gfycat and post the link image in the content area(the image will be shown automatically – see ex here).

The post has been deleted. Why?

Every post will expire after 24 hours along with any attachments and answers.

What are private comments?

Private Comments allow registered users to create private comment threads. These threads will be available for the thread owner only. 

Where can i find the rules of this website?

The rules can be found here.

Who is “Anonymous”?

“Anonymous” is the name assigned to a poster who is not registered.